Beets – 20 Ways to Play!

1) Turn up the BEETS! Dance Around to some fun music with your “silly BEET headphones”

2) Roll Away Race – Roll your beets across the table and see who can make it to the “finish line” first!

3) Beet Shapes – Slice a few large beets across into halved strips and let your little one help push cookie cutters through to make fun beet shapes!

4) Beet Balance – Build a small obstacle course for you and your little one. See who can make it through the farthest with the beet still balanced on their head!

5) Beet Stick Cabins – Slice your beets “french-fry” style and use the “sticks” to build a cabin together!

6) Beet Stamps – Cut fun shaped into your beet and let your little one help stamp it across paper to make some fun artwork together!

7) Beet Paint – Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasure of slicing beets knows it lets all kinds of fun purple “dye” out. Use the beet juice to paint polk-a-dots onto your hands together!

8) Beet Scoop – Fill your sink or a bin with water and pop your beets in. After washing them let your little one help you scoop them out using a ladle or large spoon!

9) Purple Egg Fun – Dye your boiled eggs with beets! Check out this fun activity from KidMinds:

10) Home Grocery Store – Play pretend play “grocery” and let your little one “pick out,” “check out” using that Monopoly money and “grocery bag” up your beets!

11) Beet Letters – Use a “french-fry” style beet sticks like a crayon and write a secret message or draw some fun shapes on a paper plate with your little one! 

12) Bulldozers – Use those “french-fry” style beet sticks to push around some mashed potatoes “Brmmmmmm! Bulldozer coming through!!”!

13) Beet Comparison – Take your beets and sort them out, which are the biggest? The smallest? Which is the darkest shade? The lightest?

14) Hot Potato Beets – Play a classic game of “hot potato” tossing your beet back and forth!

15) Grow Beet Leaves – Take a clear jar of water and pop a beet inside, watch the greens continue to grow and the little roots that expand out with your little one!

16) Beet Pops – Puree your beets and pipe some into a set of homemade ice cubes or “popsicles” !

17) Beet Clocks – Hold your beets by the greens and swing them back and forth like a grandfather clock! Who can make their clock swing the slowest?!

18) Beet Jam – Puree your beets (or steam well and fork smash with your little one!) to make your own “beet jam” that you can spread on crackers or on your next PBJ!

19) Beet Sensory Bag – Puree your beets and place the puree into a sealed plastic bag with a few fun items (maybe even some of the beet leaves!) – let your little feel through the bag to uncover the leaves or items you placed inside!

20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, continued exposure is the key to success!

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