CAULIFLOWER – 20 Ways to Play

1) Beautiful bouquets – Take raw cauliflower pieces and put together your own fun “bouquet”! Want to make it colorful? Add a little food coloring to a veggie dip of your choice or choose a variety of colored dips (e.g., hummus, ranch, refried blackbeans) and paint your “flowers” so your bouquet can be extra fun!

2) Cauliflower Parachutes – Sail your cauliflower “parachutes” up into the sky and all around together!

3) Tiny Treetops – Build a tiny forest of cauliflower “trees” by propping them upright in a thick puree (e.g., mashed potatoes) 

4) Cauliflower Buffet – See how many different “cauliflower” dishes you can pair up and have a blind taste test (think: cauliflower dips, cauliflower tots, cauliflower rice, etc!) 

5) Dinosaur Dig – Rice up your cauliflower (or grab a pre-riced pack frozen from the store!) and heap the “dirt” or “snow” over a few dinosaur figurines. Let your little “dig-dig-dig” for the missing dinos!

6) Cauliflower Shakes – Add a little riced cauliflower into a smoothie recipe, be sure to let your little help scoop it in!

7) Cauliflower Umbrellas – Break a few pieces of cauliflower off and fill a medicine cup with water, pour the “rain” over the umbrellas and see who has the “best” umbrella! If you’re feeling brave maybe even try it over your tongues! 

8) A Snowy Day – Let your little sprinkle “snow” (riced cauliflower) over their plate during a meal/snack!

9) Cauliflower Hash – Shred a little cauliflower in with your hashbrowns for a fun twist!

10) Cauliflower Chop – (If/as age appropriate) Grab a child-safe knife and let your little help “chop down the trees” with you! 

11) Cauliflower Bath – Let your little one help send the cauliflower “through the carwash” and scrub down that cauliflower in the sink with you!

12) Cauliflower Hide and Seek – Take a piece or full head of cauliflower and play hide and seek/search and find with it!

13) Hot Air Balloons – Float your cauliflower pieces “upupup” to the moon! Maybe they’ll make a surprise landing on…. Your nose! Or maybe even your teeth!

14) Mashed Cauliflower Letters – Take your (cooked) mashed cauliflower and spread a thin layer out on a sheet pan. Use your fingers to form letters, lines or shapes together! PRO TIP: If your little is hesitant to put their finger in, let them use a utensil (e.g., chopstick, straw or plastic spoon) to draw instead!

15) Cauliflower Pizza – Grab a pre-made (or make your own!) cauliflower crust and DIY pizza together!

16) Crystal Ball – Peel the leaves off your head of raw cauliflower and pretend play “rub” your crystal ball together! Ask it questions or tell silly fortunes together!

17) Cauliflower Stamps – Slice your cauliflower into steaks and then use cookie cutters to punch out little stamps! Use real paint or food purees for more fun and exposure!

18) Cauliflower Nuggets – Make cauliflower nuggets together! We like this recipe: 

19) Cauliflower Brooms – Flip your cauliflower pieces upside down and “sweep-sweep-sweep” together!

20) Finally, serve the cauliflower! Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

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