HUMMUS – 20 Ways to Play

1) Secret Messages – Write secret messages on plates using hummus “ink”

2) Tie Dye Hummus – Grab a few colors of natural food coloring (We love to use India Tree natural food colors!) and drop a few drops of dye into a tub of plain hummus, take toothpicks and stretch out the ink into tie dye patterns with your little one! Feeling brave? Try your finger instead of the toothpick!

3) Blend a “Tornado” 🌪  – While making hummus together, talk about the blender tornado that you will make, be sure to count down for the “big tornado!”

4) “Stirring the Soup” – Pretend play restaurant and let your little be in charge of “stirring the soup” as they mix the hummus! Make note of the scent of the hummus and talk about it with your little!

5) Make hummus together: In a food processor,  blend ¼ bag chickpeas, one small scoop tahini,  2tbs lemon juice, and different seasonings (let your little one’s choose!). Dip carrots, pita, crackers, etc

6) Make Up – Paint on your pretend play hummus lipstick, look in the mirror together while you try!

7) Poke a Dot Stamps – Grab celery, carrots, a turnip or veggie of your choice, use the hummus as the ink while you stamp different designs with the ends/bases/tops of your chosen vegetable 

8) Fireworks – Paint fireworks 💥 onto a paper plate using the hummus and your fingertips! PRO TIP: If you little is hesitant to touch the puree let them use a chopstick, paintbrush or utensil of your choice instead of their finger!

9) Fresh Freckles – Dot pretend play freckles (hummus dots) onto your cheeks, let your little add more freckles onto your cheeks or maybe even onto their own!

10) Scented Hummus Bar –  Grab a variety of hummus containers and scoop a spoonful from each, see if you can guess which is which via scent only!

11) Hummus Mountains – Sculpt up a few mountains together!

12) Off to the Races – Draw a “racetrack” line across a counter, table or plate for toy cars to race on

13) Manicure Time – Paint on pretend play fingernail polish together!

14) Dessert hummus Bar! Grab a chocolate or brownie hummus and pair with a variety of apples, graham crackers, toast etc! 

15) Car Wash – Roll toy cars or trucks through the “mud” (hummus) and then take turns sending them into the “carwash” (e.g., a bucket of soapy water or your sink or maybe even your tongues!) to clean them up!

16) Funny Faces – Make a silly mustache on a plate, picture or maybe even paint one onto each other!

17) Let’s Count! – Use the hummus to draw out numbers or letters together!

18) Where Did it Come From? – Talk about how hummus is made (better yet make some together!) watch a video on youtube that shows the ingredients being added and look up how chickpeas grow!

19) Clown Noses – Paint a dot on each of your noses with the hummus and see if anyone can lick theirs off! Make silly faces or try this in the mirror for added laughs!

20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

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