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Hi there, from the Our Table - Eating in Color, PLLC Team! We're glad to have you here with us!


Natalie Kremer MA, CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist/Feeding Therapist/Certified Lactation Counselor)


Molly Stewart MA, CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist/Feeding Therapist)

We are a duo of passionate speech-language pathologists, seeking to share knowledge and education to make mealtimes fun and functional for you and your family! We are here to help you and your little one(s) thrive at the table!

Here at Our Table we are looking to make feeding fun and functional for you and your little one(s). Serving tips fresh from our table to yours! Be sure to follow along with us on instagram and join our monthly newsletter so that you can receive insider information, tips, specials and more!


So where do I start?

Here! Read on to see which feeding development area your little one best fit’s into! Remember, they may be in-between stages too!

Meet our Feeders:

Here at our table, we avoid the negativity and embrace the positivity → Meet our [[failure to thrive, problem, picky, and learning]] feeders in a new light!


Seed: This is a learning feeder. This child has not yet developed the skills to eat a wide variety of foods by mouth. This feeder may not be ready to place food into their mouth or may be learning to manage purees or their first meltable solids (e.g., puffs). We may see frequent gagging and choking with these friends. We may have difficulty achieving appropriate weight gain and meeting our nutritional content.


Seedling: This child may have less than 15 foods they eat regularly, may not be able to tolerate new foods on their plate, may present with “behaviors” at the table, may not be able to sit at the table for more than five minutes, may currently eat different meals than the rest of the family, may request/eat the same foods each day, this child may only accept preferred food brands, and may have difficulty describing/navigating foods with new properties/changes.


Sprout: This child may have less than 30 foods they eat regularly, this child may be emerging with their ability to see, hear, smell, touch, and occasionally taste new foods, this child may need multiple attempts before they can accept a new food into their inventory, this child often may be able to sit at the table for a full meal and may be presented with the same meal as the rest of the family in addition to their current preferred foods, this child may accept modifications to their preferred food brands and items.


Blossom: This child has mastered a variety of skills including: seeing, hearing smelling, touching and tasting of foods. This child is able to enjoy foods with our basic senses, but can sit in a proper child size seat and physically engage in eating and feeding skills using his/her vestibular and proprioceptive skills. This child can tolerate a wide variety of foods from each food group, but still may require some hands on play and exploration for new foods.

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