• HUMMUS – 20 Ways to Play

    1) Secret Messages – Write secret messages on plates using hummus “ink”

    2) Tie Dye Hummus – Grab a few colors of natural food coloring (We love to use India Tree natural food colors!) and drop a few drops of dye into a tub of plain hummus, take toothpicks and stretch out the ink into tie dye patterns with your little one! Feeling brave? Try your finger instead of the toothpick!

    3) Blend a “Tornado” 🌪  – While making hummus together, talk about the blender tornado that you will make, be sure to count down for the “big tornado!”

    4) “Stirring the Soup” – Pretend play restaurant and let your little be in charge of “stirring the soup” as they mix the hummus! Make note of the scent of the hummus and talk about it with your little!

    5) Make hummus together: In a food processor,  blend ¼ bag chickpeas, one small scoop tahini,  2tbs lemon juice, and different seasonings (let your little one’s choose!). Dip carrots, pita, crackers, etc

    6) Make Up – Paint on your pretend play hummus lipstick, look in the mirror together while you try!

    7) Poke a Dot Stamps – Grab celery, carrots, a turnip or veggie of your choice, use the hummus as the ink while you stamp different designs with the ends/bases/tops of your chosen vegetable 

    8) Fireworks – Paint fireworks 💥 onto a paper plate using the hummus and your fingertips! PRO TIP: If you little is hesitant to touch the puree let them use a chopstick, paintbrush or utensil of your choice instead of their finger!

    9) Fresh Freckles – Dot pretend play freckles (hummus dots) onto your cheeks, let your little add more freckles onto your cheeks or maybe even onto their own!

    10) Scented Hummus Bar –  Grab a variety of hummus containers and scoop a spoonful from each, see if you can guess which is which via scent only!

    11) Hummus Mountains – Sculpt up a few mountains together!

    12) Off to the Races – Draw a “racetrack” line across a counter, table or plate for toy cars to race on

    13) Manicure Time – Paint on pretend play fingernail polish together!

    14) Dessert hummus Bar! Grab a chocolate or brownie hummus and pair with a variety of apples, graham crackers, toast etc! 

    15) Car Wash – Roll toy cars or trucks through the “mud” (hummus) and then take turns sending them into the “carwash” (e.g., a bucket of soapy water or your sink or maybe even your tongues!) to clean them up!

    16) Funny Faces – Make a silly mustache on a plate, picture or maybe even paint one onto each other!

    17) Let’s Count! – Use the hummus to draw out numbers or letters together!

    18) Where Did it Come From? – Talk about how hummus is made (better yet make some together!) watch a video on youtube that shows the ingredients being added and look up how chickpeas grow!

    19) Clown Noses – Paint a dot on each of your noses with the hummus and see if anyone can lick theirs off! Make silly faces or try this in the mirror for added laughs!

    20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

  • CAULIFLOWER – 20 Ways to Play

    1) Beautiful bouquets – Take raw cauliflower pieces and put together your own fun “bouquet”! Want to make it colorful? Add a little food coloring to a veggie dip of your choice or choose a variety of colored dips (e.g., hummus, ranch, refried blackbeans) and paint your “flowers” so your bouquet can be extra fun!

    2) Cauliflower Parachutes – Sail your cauliflower “parachutes” up into the sky and all around together!

    3) Tiny Treetops – Build a tiny forest of cauliflower “trees” by propping them upright in a thick puree (e.g., mashed potatoes) 

    4) Cauliflower Buffet – See how many different “cauliflower” dishes you can pair up and have a blind taste test (think: cauliflower dips, cauliflower tots, cauliflower rice, etc!) 

    5) Dinosaur Dig – Rice up your cauliflower (or grab a pre-riced pack frozen from the store!) and heap the “dirt” or “snow” over a few dinosaur figurines. Let your little “dig-dig-dig” for the missing dinos!

    6) Cauliflower Shakes – Add a little riced cauliflower into a smoothie recipe, be sure to let your little help scoop it in!

    7) Cauliflower Umbrellas – Break a few pieces of cauliflower off and fill a medicine cup with water, pour the “rain” over the umbrellas and see who has the “best” umbrella! If you’re feeling brave maybe even try it over your tongues! 

    8) A Snowy Day – Let your little sprinkle “snow” (riced cauliflower) over their plate during a meal/snack!

    9) Cauliflower Hash – Shred a little cauliflower in with your hashbrowns for a fun twist!

    10) Cauliflower Chop – (If/as age appropriate) Grab a child-safe knife and let your little help “chop down the trees” with you! 

    11) Cauliflower Bath – Let your little one help send the cauliflower “through the carwash” and scrub down that cauliflower in the sink with you!

    12) Cauliflower Hide and Seek – Take a piece or full head of cauliflower and play hide and seek/search and find with it!

    13) Hot Air Balloons – Float your cauliflower pieces “upupup” to the moon! Maybe they’ll make a surprise landing on…. Your nose! Or maybe even your teeth!

    14) Mashed Cauliflower Letters – Take your (cooked) mashed cauliflower and spread a thin layer out on a sheet pan. Use your fingers to form letters, lines or shapes together! PRO TIP: If your little is hesitant to put their finger in, let them use a utensil (e.g., chopstick, straw or plastic spoon) to draw instead!

    15) Cauliflower Pizza – Grab a pre-made (or make your own!) cauliflower crust and DIY pizza together!

    16) Crystal Ball – Peel the leaves off your head of raw cauliflower and pretend play “rub” your crystal ball together! Ask it questions or tell silly fortunes together!

    17) Cauliflower Stamps – Slice your cauliflower into steaks and then use cookie cutters to punch out little stamps! Use real paint or food purees for more fun and exposure!

    18) Cauliflower Nuggets – Make cauliflower nuggets together! We like this recipe: https://thehiddenveggies.com/cauliflower-nuggets-vegan-gluten-free/ 

    19) Cauliflower Brooms – Flip your cauliflower pieces upside down and “sweep-sweep-sweep” together!

    20) Finally, serve the cauliflower! Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

  • KALE – 20 Ways to Play

    1. Make your own instruments! Place kale pieces into containers and shake them around like maracas! Bonus: Name your band something simple such as “Kale Crew”
    2. Use kale in food art! Make the kale grass or leaves on a tree! 
    3. Place kale into a smoothie! Do a science experiment to slowly add a little bit more and compare the colors as you go! 
    4. Make kale chips! Have your Little help you prep in the kitchen! 
    5. Put together a kale bouquet! Fill a small cup with water and place kale pieces inside together! 
    6. Create your own kale sensory bin! Have your Little practice ripping up pieces and place them into a container. Use toy animals to have a pretend farm!
    7. Have a kale race! Use kitchen tongs, a chip clip, or a clothespin to pick up a piece of kale and race it to the other side of the kitchen! 
    8. Play hide and seek! Take a large piece of kale and hide it around! 
    9. Put together a sensory bottle with kale! Fill a bottle up with water, kale pieces, and other ingredients of your choosing such as other greens or even food coloring! 
    10. Use kale pieces as paint brushes! Paint with dips or other condiments! Hold the brush in your hands or even between your teeth for a silly time! 
    11. Have a kale boat race! Place the kale in a bin of water and practice blowing your boats to the other side! Bonus: this gets your Little up close and personal with kale! 
    12. Have a kale car wash! Get out the toy cars and scrub them with kale for a pretend play activity! 
    13. Be a kale scientist! Make a hypothesis about how many kale pieces it takes to build a certain height of a tower or reach a certain weight on a food scale! 
    14. Kale Blankets: Make kale blankets and pretend putting little toys to sleep by singing “rock a bye baby”
    15. Silly Faces: Challenge each other to make the silliest kale faces/disguises! Use kale as unicorn horns, silly mustaches, long noses, and more! 
    16. Make kale jewelry! Grab out some string and tear up a few pieces of kale leaves! String the leaves to make a bracelet or necklace. 
    17. Design your own kale sensory bottle: Take an old water bottle and fill it with water and kale pieces plus any other fun ingredients of your choosing like food coloring, glitter, mini toys, and more! 
    18. Read a book with your magical kale pointer! Tell your Little(s) that it’s story time and they can use a magical green pointer to answer questions! Have your Little point out characters or vocabulary with the kale tip
    19. Remix a song! Try out “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your kale!” 

    Lastly, serve the kale. They may not eat it, but remember a little bit on the plate goes a long way for exposure!

  • Beets – 20 Ways to Play!

    1) Turn up the BEETS! Dance Around to some fun music with your “silly BEET headphones”

    2) Roll Away Race – Roll your beets across the table and see who can make it to the “finish line” first!

    3) Beet Shapes – Slice a few large beets across into halved strips and let your little one help push cookie cutters through to make fun beet shapes!

    4) Beet Balance – Build a small obstacle course for you and your little one. See who can make it through the farthest with the beet still balanced on their head!

    5) Beet Stick Cabins – Slice your beets “french-fry” style and use the “sticks” to build a cabin together!

    6) Beet Stamps – Cut fun shaped into your beet and let your little one help stamp it across paper to make some fun artwork together!

    7) Beet Paint – Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasure of slicing beets knows it lets all kinds of fun purple “dye” out. Use the beet juice to paint polk-a-dots onto your hands together!

    8) Beet Scoop – Fill your sink or a bin with water and pop your beets in. After washing them let your little one help you scoop them out using a ladle or large spoon!

    9) Purple Egg Fun – Dye your boiled eggs with beets! Check out this fun activity from KidMinds: https://kidminds.org/the-science-of-coloring-easter-eggs-with-beets/?fbclid=IwAR2f1oFTAtl1nF9kAwhZf_377gAQL9cdfOo6PkveGcW6YMRSlVEjV_yjrfw

    10) Home Grocery Store – Play pretend play “grocery” and let your little one “pick out,” “check out” using that Monopoly money and “grocery bag” up your beets!

    11) Beet Letters – Use a “french-fry” style beet sticks like a crayon and write a secret message or draw some fun shapes on a paper plate with your little one! 

    12) Bulldozers – Use those “french-fry” style beet sticks to push around some mashed potatoes “Brmmmmmm! Bulldozer coming through!!”!

    13) Beet Comparison – Take your beets and sort them out, which are the biggest? The smallest? Which is the darkest shade? The lightest?

    14) Hot Potato Beets – Play a classic game of “hot potato” tossing your beet back and forth!

    15) Grow Beet Leaves – Take a clear jar of water and pop a beet inside, watch the greens continue to grow and the little roots that expand out with your little one!

    16) Beet Pops – Puree your beets and pipe some into a set of homemade ice cubes or “popsicles” !

    17) Beet Clocks – Hold your beets by the greens and swing them back and forth like a grandfather clock! Who can make their clock swing the slowest?!

    18) Beet Jam – Puree your beets (or steam well and fork smash with your little one!) to make your own “beet jam” that you can spread on crackers or on your next PBJ!

    19) Beet Sensory Bag – Puree your beets and place the puree into a sealed plastic bag with a few fun items (maybe even some of the beet leaves!) – let your little feel through the bag to uncover the leaves or items you placed inside!

    20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, continued exposure is the key to success!

  • Green Beans – 20 Ways to Play

    1)    Silly String Bean Faces – Build your own faces with your green beans using the full bean for a big grin and pop out the seeds for little eyes and noses! Do you have snow where you live right now? Why not add them to a snowman!? 

    2) Dough Rollers – Does your little one enjoy Playdough or cooking with you? Why not use your green beans as “steamrollers” to help roll out that dough (play-dough or real dough if you’re into baking!) or make silly shapes and stamps into it!

    3) Bean Telephones – Pretend play telephone with your string beans, *ring-ring* do I hear a fun time on the line?!

    4) Inchworms – “Inch” those green beans along like little inch worms or choo-choo trains! If you’re little one doesn’t know what an inchworm is, look up videos on you-tube and then act them out together!

    5) Build the Fortress – Take those green beans and build your own complete home or fortress, stack them up link log cabins and feel free to add fun editions like “trees” or “flowers” that your little one can smell and feel!

    6) String Bean Boats – Grab a tub of water or fill up your sink and drive a few bean “boats” or “canoes” through with your little one while your washing the beans off 

    7) Bean Paint Brushes – Grab a little dollop of ranch or dill dip (or preferred sauce/dip) and use your beans to “paint” a masterpiece on your plates

    8) Plant your own beans – When they’re ready to harvest let your little one help you collect and wash them up!

    9) Coloring Book Beans – Grab a coloring book or print an outline of a favorite character and use the beans to outline the character. Living somewhere sunny? Try outlining your shaddows (try your hands first!) with the beans too!

    10) Try a Fun Bean Experiment – Check our this “magic beanstalk” from Growing A Jeweled Rose: https://www.growingajeweledrose.com/2016/03/grow-magic-beanstalk.html

    11) Read Jack and the Beanstalk – Talk about beans and look up photos together 

    12) Connect The Dots – Try a fun twist on the classic pen and paper “connect-the-dots” by using green beans. Consider cooked and raw to determine whose are whose! 

    13) Raw Bean Egg Shakers – Let your little one help you chop up a few raw green beans and fill a few plastic eggs. Enjoy shaking them and making some music together!

    14) Balance Beam Beans – Try balancing your raw green beans across your noses – who can hold theirs the longest?!

    15) Pretend Play SpaceShips – 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! Send those beans in the air and fly them through space together! Maybe you’ll even land onto one of your “moon teeth” too!

    16) Scooping Spoons – Use those string beans to scoop up a dip or sauce! You can shovel it back and forth across your plate or maybe even your tongues!

    17) Bean Lipstick – Pretend play paint your lips “on” with your string bean lipstick tube!

    18) Bean Names – Use your beans to shape letters and spell out new words or names together!

    19) Pretend Play People – Pretend your green beans are dolls (or animals!) and bring them to life with a fun pretend play adventure story. 

    20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!