• Carrot – Grow as You Go!

    🥕 Have a carrot lover in your house? We are trying out our #GrowAsYouGo strategy with carrots this week!

    We use this strategy to present food differently to our littles to expose them to new things while also making sure they don’t burn out on the foods they eat all the time. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t carrot all if you didn’t stick with us for this one!

    🥕 We presented our carrots in 6 different ways:
    [1] Chopped into thin carrot sticks.
    [2] Cooked as carrot circles.
    [3] Different colored carrots.
    [4] Carrots paired with dip.
    [5] Carrots shaved thin to put into muffins.
    [6] Carrots on kebab sticks with other vegetables (not pictured). 

  • What is Feeding Therapy?

    ❓Are you considering pursuing or starting feeding therapy soon with your child? Did you know that for feeding therapy, your child will likely see a Speech-Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, or maybe even both?!

    ❓You might be wondering a little bit about what happens during feeding therapy and what things we work on! Here are a few: [keep in mind your child may not need help in all of these areas, but your therapist(s) should be sure to talk about them with you!]

    ✅ training oral motor skills (improving tongue, lip, mouth strength/coordination) for better eating and drinking skills

    ✅ improving their toleration of a variety of textures/sensory input

    ✅ developing fine motor skills for using utensils

    ✅ working on drinking from a variety of cups

    ✅transitioning to solid foods

    ✅ increasing the range of foods they interact with/eat

    ✅ assisting families in developing mealtime strategies

    ✅ assisting your child in being comfortable and seated for mealtimes

    and so much more! Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • How to work your little one up from an Oreo to an apple slice – “Linking To Learn”

    Ever heard of “Food Chaining?”

    Does your little one ONLY accept Goldfish Crackers and Oreos right now? Consider Linking to Learn !

    “Food Chaining (Fraker)” or the creation of “Food Hierarchies (Toomy)” refers to the idea of using foods in a planned sequence to build a path to guide your little one as they work up towards experiencing a novel food.

    This requires that we consider the sensory properties (Need a refresh? Read more about our 7 senses and how they apply to feeding here → http://our-table.org/uncategorized/true-or-false-we-have-5-senses/ ) of a food and consider how we can guide our little ones as we LINK foods to help them LEARN about new foods.

    Let’s try it out! Take a food your child always accepts (e.g., Oreos) now.. how do we work up to a fresh banana or apple? Read on!

    Okay, so they have their regular, crunchy, chocolate Oreo – where do I start? Well, let’s grab a Lemon Oreo – we changed the TASTE and COLOR for our little one → Now they have their Lemon Oreo, that Lemon Oreo is yellow (COLOR) and round (SHAPE), next up let’s give them a different yellow (COLOR), crunchy (TEXTURE) food – how about a chickpea puff (We love Hippeas Chickpea Puffs!)!! → Now they have yellow, crunchy, long chickpea puff, where to next? Let’s try some yellow (COLOR), long (SHAPE), squishy (TEXTURE) shredded cheese → Okay, they have yellow, long, squishy shredded cheese – next up, lets try a yellow (COLOR), crunchy (TEXTURE), corn chip (start with a long strip shape (SHAPE) and then hop back into yellow, round and crunchy with a fully round chip!)! → Okay they have a yellow, crunchy, round corn chip; lets try out a white (COLOR), round (SHAPE), crunchy (TEXTURE) banana chip (or maybe even a freeze dried banana slice or banana yogurt melt!)! → Now they have their white, round, crunchy banana chip, let’s flip to a round, white, squishy banana slice!

    Want to keep going?! Okay they’re exploring the banana slice, let’s mash up some of that banana and add cinnamon. Next up, you can try some soft, cooked cinnamon apples, and maybe next thing you know you’ll be exploring crunchy yellow apple slices together !

    NOTE: If you’re a therapist or a parent to a seedling or sprout, we recommend you keep an eye out for the book Food Chaining: The Proven 6-Step Plan to Stop Picky Eating, Solve Feeding Problems, and Expand Your Child’s Diet By: Cheri Fraker, Laura Walbert, Mark Fishbein, and Sibyl Cox. This is an awesome resource about “Food Chaining” which should be on every feeding therapist’s bookshelf !

    We also recommend you check out the course The Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding Therapy developed by Kay Toomey ! A feeding therapist MUST! Please Note: The SOS Approach to Feeding program was developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. For more information on the SOS Approach to Feeding program, please visit www.sosapproach.com.