• Carrot – Grow as You Go!

    🥕 Have a carrot lover in your house? We are trying out our #GrowAsYouGo strategy with carrots this week!

    We use this strategy to present food differently to our littles to expose them to new things while also making sure they don’t burn out on the foods they eat all the time. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t carrot all if you didn’t stick with us for this one!

    🥕 We presented our carrots in 6 different ways:
    [1] Chopped into thin carrot sticks.
    [2] Cooked as carrot circles.
    [3] Different colored carrots.
    [4] Carrots paired with dip.
    [5] Carrots shaved thin to put into muffins.
    [6] Carrots on kebab sticks with other vegetables (not pictured).