• “GO As You GROW”

    Have you ever heard the term “Food Jag?” What does that REALLY mean anyway?

    Some little ones may request to eat the EXACT same food the EXACT same way every single day (think of some toddlers and their chicken nugget diet), until one day they “burn out” of that food and begin to refuse that too. Unfortunately, with some of our seedlings/sprouts, they may NEVER accept that food again once they eliminate it. This can continue forward until they have very few accepted foods left! 

    YIKES! What can I do?! 

    You can GROW AS YOU GO! This term refers to the idea that you can present the same food in TONS of new, different, and fun ways! Consider the possibilities – you can change:

     -SHAPE (Think: cubes, circles, sticks, grab those cookie cutters and have some fun!)

    -TEXTURE (Puree it up, add breading, crunch some cereal on top, etc.)

    -TASTE (Add in those seasonings, there are MILLIONS to explore – Don’t forget dips!)

    -COLOR (Food coloring can be a parent’s best friend – make sure you read the ingredients if you buy vs making your own food coloring – we love India Tree which is natural food color made from vegetables – why not add sprinkles, how about grating some cheese on top? Etc.) 

    -TEMPERATURE (frozen, warm or chilled, you can even think of heat such as spicy)

    Looking for ideas on how to present in new and novel ways? Be sure to check out our “20 Ways to Play” tab for 20 fun activities and novel presentation ideas!

    NOTE: It is also important to make sure you maintain a food/flavor rotation and keep preferred foods and newly integrated foods on an every other day basis at a minimum to avoid those “Food Jags” (e.g., Monday: Chicken Nuggets, Tuesday: Goulash, Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets– or maybe Turkey nuggets? What about a fish stick?! )