A Sensory Splash!

Make a splash this summer with a giant sensory bin!

Grab a giant bucket from your local hardware or dollar store and fill it up with different shape and textured rocks, then fill the remainder up with water.

Practice dipping your hands (or toes!) in while practicing using that neutral descriptive language!

Working on animal sounds? Why not add a few animals in there! Working on colors? Add colored stones and help your little dig for “yellow treasure! now blue treasure!”

A Look at Language:

“Look! this rock is so bumpy!” 

“Wow! My toes feel wet!”

“Brrr… this water feels cold and wet like an ice pop!”

“Look this rock is so slippery!”

“Woah! That splash felt just like when I pop a grape on my BIG teeth!”

Practicing your descriptive language outside of mealtimes can help make that neutral descriptive language flow easily and naturally come meal/snack time! So go ahead and DIVE in! 🙂

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