Be Specific!

💡 Your Table Tuesday Tip of the week is: BE SPECIFIC.

🎉 We particularly want you to be specific when giving feedback and praise to enhance your child’s learning and understanding. We want our children to know exactly what we are praising or giving feedback on. A simple “yay” does not always instruct them on what exactly was so ‘yay’-worthy.

❓What exactly does this look like? Instead of saying “good job” you might comment “I like how you are waiting so patiently at the table” OR instead of “wow!” you might state “you washed your hands without being told and I am so proud!”

👎🏽 This can also be applied when providing more neutral feedback. For example, instead of “you’re ok” we can try “I see you wiggling in your seat” OR instead of “help me” let’s try “you can scoop rice onto everyone’s plate.”

🤣 Some specific feedback we often hear: “we love how hard you worked after you had five cups of coffee!” ☕️

❓What is some specific feedback you’ve given to your littles recently? 

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