Bite Size & Learning to Chew

Let’s talk about bite-size and learning to chew!

👀 We know that one of the ways our children learn to eat is by watching us! If you have a little one that is still working on taking appropriate bite sizes, we have a few tips:

-Take appropriate bite sizes yourself (not too big or small).

-Show them “too big,” “too small,” and “right bite” so that they are able to watch you.

-If they do take a large bite and remove the food from their mouth with their tongue or fingers, tell them what happened by saying “that bite was too big” let’s try taking a “right bite.”

-Stay calm during big bites and model chewing. Maybe even add in a “chew-chew-chew” song!

-Make up a playful way of instructing them to bite foods off instead of sticking them whole in their mouth. For example: singing “bite and tear!” with a very dramatic and exaggerated tear for the first few models!

💡 Still having trouble with “right” sized bites? Consider the Right Bite Feeding Therapy Tool by @arktherapeutic 

😬 If your child is having a great deal of difficulty learning how to chew and take appropriate bite sizes, consider speaking with their pediatrician about feeding therapy. 

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