Changing Up Food Temperature? Why Not?!

🌱 Looking for another tip to help a little one #GrowAsYouGo?

🌡 While we don’t like our toddlers to be having a hot and cold day 😓, we all like different foods to be various temperatures! By altering the temperature of a food, we are changing presentation (taste, texture, touch, smell) and allowing little ones to explore that food in a whole new light 💡

👶 For our little ones navigating purees this can be a great way to mix it up! For example: try cold pureed apples, room temperature pureed apples, and then heat them just a bit (remember, nothing too hot!). What an easy way to expand your baby’s palate?!

👧 👦 Wondering how this pertains to your toddler? There are so many foods that we eat both at a warm and cold temperature (cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc.) Have an experiment with your little ones to change the temperatures of foods (add ice cubes to water, melt cheese in the microwave, toast their bread, cook up an apple, and more!)

✅ This allows your little one to learn to like a food in various ways and therefore we again avoid that dreaded food jagging (losing interest in a preferred foods > burnout). If they are requesting apples every single day, you now have the perfect way to mix it up so that they don’t jag on them! 

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