ChopChop – Let’s Change Shape!

🔪 Chop, chop!

🖐🏼 Looking to get your little hands on in the kitchen? Or just looking to switch up the way you present food? Try different slicing methods like those pictured above.

☺️ Watch food turn to fun as your child takes part in the prep with you!

👍🏼 This is a great time to teach your little about foods! Talk about it in a positive neutral way (explain colors, feelings, smells, etc. – avoid yuck or yum)

💡 Bonus: Some children may develop preferences for foods in certain shapes or forms. If you’re frequently mixing up the presentation like the picture above, you may avoid some of that rigidity.

⚠️ These foods are cut into these shapes for children that have the chewing skills to consume them in different forms. Please use your own discretion and modify presentation of food for your child and their age/chewing skills. 

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