Deconstruct to Instruct – TACO EDITION

🤔 Wondering what this strategy is all about? This is a simple, yet effective way to help little ones that are learning how to master eating a variety of food all mixed together! This can sometimes be a challenge as mixed food may be overwhelming visually, by smell and taste or may even be a challenge for them to chew at first! Hence, let’s deconstruct these mixed foods to instruct our little ones!

✅ We recommend following these six steps across a week or two in time!

– Step one: introduce each ingredient (shell, meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa, etc.) separately and not in the same meal

– Step two: gradually introduce two foods (separated) on the same plate during a meal time
– Step three: serve all foods on the same plate (separated) during a meal time
– Step four: serve all foods with two having a connection (meat on a tortilla shell, salsa on lettuce)
– Step five: provide a small portion of all foods mixed together on the same plate as a regular meal (a regular meal with a mini taco on the side)
– Step six: serve a full taco!

🚨 Keep in mind, this strategy is meant to assist with exposure and comfort with mixed textures. It is important for you to model these steps at the same time as your child as this is crucial to the “instruct” piece. When you interact with the food in this progression, you have the opportunity to teach them that salsa is spicy or that putting cheese on hot meat can make it melt! 

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