Deconstruct to Instruct

🤚 Raise your hand if your child pulls their sandwich apart and eats each piece separately? Or maybe, if the foods are all mixed together they aren’t getting too close to that meal? Sound familiar at all?

🔔 If this is ringing a bell for you, then we are here to help with a new strategy we call Deconstruct to Instruct! For our little ones, it may be overwhelming visually, by smell and taste for their foods to be mixed all together. It may even be a challenge for them to chew all of these foods mixed together at first! If that is a trend you are noticing with your little, we recommend gradually teaching them about separate pieces of a mixed food and then slowly mixing them back together.

🍝 Let’s start with the example of spaghetti!

1️⃣ Step one: introduce each ingredient (noodles, sauce, meat, cheese and maybe veggies) separately and not in the same meal.

2️⃣ Step two: gradually introduce two foods (separated) on the same plate during a meal time.

3️⃣ Step three: serve all six foods on the same plate (separated) during a meal time.

4️⃣ Step four: serve the six foods with two having a connection (cheese sprinkled on the meat, small amounts of sauce on the noodles).

5️⃣ Step five: provide a small portion of all six foods mixed together on the same plate as a regular meal.

6️⃣ Step six: serve a meal-sized portion of all foods mixed together

💡 Pro tip: Keep in mind, we do not recommend doing all 6 of these steps close together in time. Try spreading it across a week or two! 

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