Don’t Skip the Spoon!

#YourTableTuesday tip is for our little ones just starting solids! 💡 Our tip is: don’t skip the spoon!

❓Did you know that spoon feeding your baby has a TON of great benefits?

🤷‍♀️ Does this mean we recommend ONLY spoon feeding? Nope, finger feeding is really important, BUT we are hoping you will consider using this classic approach as part of your food presentation for at least a little bit, and here’s why:

🥄 Spoon feeding is another way to incorporate a social exchange that can create a bond and sense of trust for future family interactions.

🥄 Spoon feeding assists in oral motor [skills involving lips, tongue, etc.]
development by working on lip closure.

🥄 Spoon feeding assists your baby in learning to move solid food (vs exclusively liquids) from the front to the back of their mouth.

🥄 Spoon feeding fundamentally prepares your child for self-feeding by exposing them to you manipulating the utensil and modeling how it is to be used.

❓Who incorporated spoon feeding into your little one’s feeding journey? Let us know below 👇

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