Eat What They Eat! Visual Modeling for your Little One

#YourTableTuesday tip is pretty simple this week: we want you to eat what they eat [or at least what you want them to eat]!

🤔 You might be thinking, well, that’s not so hard…We agree, but stick with us!

🥄 No matter the age or presentation of food, we want you to model eating exactly what your child is being presented with! This may mean that if you are presenting your child with puree baby food, you are modeling eating this puree!

🍌 The same rule goes for modeling exposure with food. If you want your child to learn more about bananas, you may have to practice smelling a banana, licking a banana, or making a mustache out of a banana if that’s the expectation that you have for increasing their interaction with that banana!

🥄 Kids learn by watching us! Do you typically model eating the same foods as your child?

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