Fall Sensory Trays!

This season we are LOVING the latest shake up for sensory bins and bags in the evolution of the sensory baking tray!

This is a fun way to introduce your little one to a variety of new concepts!

For our fall sensory baking sheet we used:

🌻 Flowers (“These flowers have a BIG smell, they smell sweet!”)

🧂 Pom-Poms (“Look! These pom-poms are so colorful! I can pick up the green one with my clip!”)

🌲 Pinecones (“Wow! These pinecones feel bumpy!”)

🕯 Artificial Candles (“Woah! These candles make my pom-pom look brighter!”)

🧁 Silicone cupcake liners (“Look I can put my pinecones IN! Plop! Plop!”)

🥨 Chip-Clips

Feel free to sprinkle whatever seasoning you want on top! We love to use nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spices this time of year!

NOTE: If you don’t have “chip-clips” on hand, clothespins work great too!

As always, remember this activity is a great opportunity to practice that neutral descriptive language while helping your little one learn all about different textures, shapes, sizes and scents!

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