Food is Food

❓Did you know that we have made a lot of different labels for food that has impacted the way that we think about it?

🤔 Think about it. How often do you eat pancakes in the afternoon? We are guessing not too often as we have all become conditioned to think about pancakes being “breakfast food”

🚨 While calling a pancake a “breakfast food” may not seem like a big deal to you, think about the kid that LOVES pancakes and maybe only eats 5 different foods. If this child eats pancakes for school lunch often, she may receive some questioning looks because we have decided pancakes are “breakfast food.” This child may then stop eating pancakes at school and lose one of the only foods they eat! See where we are going with this?

🥨 How about “snack foods?” Often, kids crave these so called “snack foods” and put them way above regular “lunch food” or “dinner food.”

🍦 How about the phrase “junk food?” You may have a little one that LOVES so called “junk food.” Just by calling it “junk,” we are automatically putting a negative word in with the food they like to eat. That can make little ones feel bad about their diet and what they are eating!

❤️ We encourage you to teach your little ones that food is… well, FOOD! 

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