Freeze-Dried Fruit for the Win!

🌢 If your growing eater isn’t consuming a wide variety of fruits and veggies YET, try this tip out! We often present freeze dried foods as a way for children to explore fruits and vegetables in a whole different way!

🍌 Freeze dried foods are often a big hit because they tend to be a bit easier to chew, they are more predictable in the mouth, and they pack that crunch that a lot of little ones crave!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: did you know that from a sensory standpoint, crunchy foods can be alerting in the mouth, which is great for waking up their senses and getting them ready to learn about new foods.

πŸ“ A bonus that comes along with increased exposure to dried foods is that they often look and taste similar to their raw/fresh counterparts! It can be a great language and learning activity to compare the two foods in different forms side by side!

πŸ₯ We love the white dragon chips by @suncorefoods! What’s your favorite freeze dried food? 

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