Gardening Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a go to prep tool for us before feeding therapy.

Want to garden indoors without the mess?

Sensory bins are our jam! The best part about these little adventure boxes is that you do not need to put in hours of effort. Fun can be had with just a few “ingredients.”

Our little garden bin includes:

🐰 Rabbit tongs

🍴 Black beans (uncooked)

🍅 $3 Felt veggies from Target (don’t tell your husbands that we sent you)  

Find a clear storage container ➡️ stir it up ➡️ BAM = hours of fun

Sensory bins are a great way to get “food” ready. Not all of our little one’s are ready to jump into play with foods. This can be a great opportunity to expose your child to a variety of textures, smells, visual experiences, tastes, and sounds in a fun and playful way for the entire family.

Do you have a favorite sensory bin? We want to know. Drop us a line 👇 in the comments.

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