Heavy Work – Preparing Your Little One for the Table

❓Did you now that completing “heavy work” before a meal can be calming to some little ones? Heavy work is a way of working with weight or resistance to engage a child’s proprioceptive sense. Proprioception involves the way that your muscles and joints work together to interpret where you are in space. For some little ones, engaging with proprioception activities like heavy work can be grounding and allow them to have a better mealtime. Why heavy work? A few reasons below:

– This strategy can be calming or help reduce stress for a child.
– This strategy may help increase your child’s alertness level.
– This strategy may increase your child’s attention or focus to the meal.
– This strategy may offer a grounding input that will assist your child in feeling balanced.

🍏 Since it’s fall and apples are flying off the shelves by the dozen, why not set down a basket of apples and allow your child to push this heavy basket across the floor? Have an older child, have them lift the basket and carry it. This little bit of “heavy work” before their meal can go a long way! 

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