January Sensory Snow Bin

❄️ Check out these fun winter-themed sensory bins! We put together three different bins each packed full of fun!

♥️ A pom-pom bin – Don’t forget to discuss the colors, shapes and FEELING of each item!

❄️ A fake snow bin – A fun place to let your Little One experience “snow,” this can be super fun to use for scooping and dumping activities and plenty of pincer and fine motor fun too!

🎁 A bow a gem bin – This is a great time to practice your descriptive language with your Little One, “Wow these bows feel BUMPY! I can squish them down flat and then they feel smooth!” or “Look I can shake-shake these bells, I hear the ringing!”

🤚 👁 👂 We love sensory bins to expose littles to a variety of sensory input including feeling, seeing, and hearing! 

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