Jello Ocean Adventure at Home ⚓️

Looking for a fun activity for home this Friday?

We love a good opportunity for dramatic/pretend play and going on an “ocean adventure” can be a fun way to introduce your little to new textures, colors and flavors!

Just grab a package of blue jello and add in a few ocean animals, boats, pirates, gold coins, treasure, mermaids, etc!

Have a little who struggles with wet/slippery or wiggly textures?

You can move this whole sensory bin into a gallon plastic or reusable Ziploc bag that way your little can still enjoy it without the overwhelm of residues on his/her hands!

What can I target during this activity?

🐙 Descriptive language – “This blue ocean water is cold and wiggly!”

🧜🏽‍♀️Pretend Play – Play skills are a prerequisite for speech and language, they help build the foundation for our later social, speech and language skills!

📚Literacy – You can use a favorite ocean- themed book to link right into your play or even to retell a story!

✋🏾Tactile Exploration – This is a great activity to help expand your little’s ability to handle new and novel feelings/textures !

🎶 – Talk about different actions and verbs while playing, better yet, turn them into a song “this fish is swimming -swimming -swimming” (to the tune of Dory’s “Just keep Swimming”)!

PRO TIP: The goal here is to promote tactile exploration, this means we WANT our littles making a big mess, this is a great activity to have your little stripped down to their diaper so it’s a quick hop into the bath or sink for a warm bubble bath after!

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