Let There Be Mess

🧼 This week, we are taking on the process of CLEAN UP pre and post meals!

🧽 We are huge proponents of making hand washing a habitual experience before each meal and snack! This helps prepare your child for the upcoming meal ahead. Bonus points if you create a fun hand-washing routine complete with a song: “we are washing, we are washing, scrub, scrub, scrub” 🎶

🧼 How about cleaning at the table? We actually don’t recommend it! We encourage a healthy dose of mess during mealtimes, which includes resisting the urge to consistently wipe baby food off their face or clean hummus out from between their fingers! This helps kids learn more about the foods they interact with and encourages them to engage in highly sensory ridden engagement! Try a bib or feeding smock, but don’t be afraid to just let them ditch the clothes and dig in!

✅ We HIGHLY recommend cleaning your toddler or little one up following a meal OUT of their chair. Why? Ever have a kid that really dislikes being washed up? We have! Instead of completing a potentially negative experience (face washing) in their feeding chair, we recommend heading on over to a sink area for older kids or cleaning your little ones on your lap!

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