Like This? Try This! – Cheese Puffs

🧀 Have a little at home that LOVES their cheese puffs?

🤔 Try offering these options that are very similar!

👍🏼 We like to offer choices with little differences to help Littles continue to explore and expand the variety of food they will eat.

✅ We DO want to talk to them about how the food is different and teach them all about this new food we are presenting. “It’s orange, it’s crunchy, it’s salty, etc.”

🚫 We DON’T want to use phrases such as “you’ll like it because it’s just like your favorite cheese puffs” or “just try it.” These phrases while well-intended, can tend to make Littles feel pressured to eat/try new things. We want them to develop life-long food habits that encourage independent exploration and positive experiences with food.

Stay tuned for more on language at the table in our upcoming email series “table talk!”

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