Messy Play Hack

🤚 Have a little one that struggles with messy play? Are they frequently wiping their hands when anything wet or sticky gets on them? Do they avoid foods like applesauce, yogurt, guacamole, or mashed potatoes?

🍦 This is an all-time favorite feeding therapy strategy of ours to encourage our little ones to interact with a new texture that they are still learning about. We place the food into a plastic baggy, clip the end, and then pipe it out like frosting! We make shapes, patterns, pictures, and more! What an easy, pressure-free way to interact with a new food without putting their hands into it if they are not quite ready yet.

💡 Pro-Tip: Try piping out your yogurt designs on a baking sheet and then freeze it! Your littles will love seeing their shapes come to life in a solid form!

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