Oh My Stars – Sensory Bin Fun!

⭐️ What we used:
-star shaped mini marshmallows
-fun little star shape toys
-a *magical* star wand

💫 It was a magically, marshmallowy good time playing in this! With our little ones we discussed:

+How squishy these marshmallows are!

+How soft and fluffy they are!

+How easy to tear with our hands!

+How many fun colors there are to find in this bin!

🤚 We like to use sensory bins to help our little ones “warm up” before heading to the table. This gives then time to engage with a food (in this case marshmallows) with the focus exclusively on play! Sensory bins are a a great way to expose your little one to new and novel foods, scents, textures, etc!

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