PEAs Wash Your Hands, Thank You BERRY much – COVID19

We hope you are all well, sane and safe in this trying and quite frankly, scary time. COVID-19 has brought a lot to each of our doorsteps, and while we each my be transitioning to and through new ways of life we hope you know a few things:

1. We are here for you, if you have questions, need support or just need an ear to vent and/or problem solve with, don’t hesitate to reach out, remember, in raising our littles, it takes a village ♥️

2. If you find yourself at home looking for ways to support your little in their academic and food-exploration journey, we are here to help. We have re-vamped and repurposed our instagram posts for the next few weeks to bring you more ideas for how to support and teach your little at home with items your already have. In times such as this we are all feeling the pinch (and burden) of the economic changes flowing around us and we want you to know there are so many great ways to teach and help your little with the things you already have at home! Check it out here: Our-Table Instagram

3. At times like these, being informed can be our best defense we wanted to point you in the direction of some good resources:

CDC/How to protect yourself and what to do

CDC/Managing COVID19 Stress/Anxiety

How to Wash Your Hands (BBC -20 Second Demonstration)

How to Talk to Your Child About COVID19

Need a few more ideas for FREE fun + learning activities at home?

Be sure to check out:

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids!

GoNoodle – Fun active movement songs/games, great for gross motor at home!

National Geographic Kids – Amazing stories and photos of wildlife and communities! 

Khan Academy – Videos on science, math and more! Free lessons and education!

Museum Tours – Feeling cooped up? Check out these amazing virtual tours through museums all over the world!

MetKids – “How-To” for interesting art projects, videos and more!

5 Minute Kids Crafts – Videos for silly DIY fun, 5 minute crafts!

Now how about a few self-care/resource ideas for our Mommas? We LOVE:

Yoga with Adriene – Free Yoga and Meditation
Headspace – Mental health and guided meditation, great for both adults and kids!

One-Minute Stress Relief Ideas – A great guide from the University of Michigan

Looking to focus on food exploration at home these next few weeks?

Hop right in with our latest 20 Ways to Play – ORANGES ! Check it out here: 20 Ways to Play Oranges ! This post is filled with great exposure and play ideas for any little one’s who struggle with new foods, specifically if you’re working up to enjoying oranges together!

Need a few more quick and simple tips and strategies for mealtimes?

Start here: Tips for the Table

Need a quick giggle? Don’t miss the re-play of our FBLive with Melanie Potock CCC-SLP, 5 Feeding Therapists telling 5 Silly Jokes!

Need an extra hour for a breather? Frozen TWO is now on Disney Plus!! 😜

In all seriousness, together, we CAN get through this tough time. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns – you are all in our thoughts! 


The Our-Table Eating in Color, PLLC Team

[Natalie, Ashleigh and Molly]

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