Pincer Grasp Ideas!

🤚 This Your Table Tuesday tip goes out to our littles working on developing their pincer grasp skills! A pincer grasp is a fine motor skill that involves using the tip of the index finger and thumb to grab items. This skill should emerge between 8-9 months (may see baby using full finger pads for grasp) with refinement of the skill occurring around 12 months of age (neatly holding small items between finger tips). This is is an important precursor skill for developing other fine motor skills (buttoning or zipping close, opening containers, handwriting, etc.) as your child grows!

🤚 This is a great skill to work on while interacting with food! We love to use this ice-cube tray strategy in therapy to encourage use of pincer grasp and as a fun, novel way to interact with food!

💡 We placed a variety of different small foods into our ice cube tray prior to presenting this to our little one! Keep in mind that if you’re working on this specific skill set, we recommend not completing this activity when your child is very hungry (as they will be working hard to get access to their food here)! Try this near the end of a feeding time with preferred foods as the goal for this task is primarily fine motor skill in comparison to food exploration.

❓Any questions, drop us a line below!

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