Play Day Turkeys!

#PlayDay turkey style! We mixed crafting and food exposure in this fun activity to create our very own turkeys in feeding therapy this past week!

👍🏼 What we used:
-apples sliced in circles
-melted chocolate
-Reeses peanut butter cups
-candy corn
-candy eyes

Steps to create!
1️⃣ slice apples in circle shapes
2️⃣ place apple slices on kebab sticks
3️⃣ melt chocolate chips and spread over apples
4️⃣ place peanut butter cup in middle
5️⃣ align candy corn as feathers!
6️⃣ add candy eyes, candy corn pieces, and sprinkles to make the face!

🗣Some language we used:

⭐️you can help wash the apples!
⭐️we can use our fingers to spread the chocolate!
⭐️we can count out five candy corn pieces!
⭐️we can clean up together when we are all done!

Enjoy! XOXO

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