Preparing for the Table

🧼 One of our favorite activities in therapy has to be blowing bubbles! We also like using straws, pom-poms, pinwheels, and more! Did you know that blowing these items can actually be used as a calming, preparatory activity?

❗️For our high-energy little one, we might blow pom-poms across the floor or table with straws prior to sitting down for a meal to help them achieve what we call a “calm body.”

💡 Bonus: by practicing blowing, we are also targeting some of the oral skills littles use for eating/drinking including rounding their lips which is a skill used for straw cup drinking!

🧼 After we are finished blowing bubbles, we might transition to the sink to make soap bubbles for a hand washing routine before meals.

💡Is your little one still in a high-chair? We mix our own bubbles with soap and warm water and scoop them right onto the high chair tray to let our little ones “pop” bubbles and “wash up” while pushing the soapy bubbles around their tray!

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