Pumpkins and Peppers and Plums OH MY!

This pumpkin season we look to all things fall and fun! If you’re looking for a fun play day activity look no further! We have found you can bring the joy of pumpkin carving season to just about any fruit or vegetable that you please!

What we used:
-small cookie cutters
-child-safe knives (optional for older kiddos)
-a variety of colored peppers
-battery powered tealights (optional)

✅ We used adult-sized helping hands to assist in the removal of the top of the pepper

✅ Next, we encouraged kiddo-sized hands to do the scooping/removal of the seeds

✅ Then, we used small cookie cutters to make eyes, noses, and mouths

✅ Lastly, we plopped mini battery-powered tea lights in for a spooky-feel

😃 Play-tip: This is a great opportunity to learn about shapes or even following directions! Have your little ones put their listening ears on to pick out circle-shaped cookie cutters versus square or star shapes!

💡 Pro-tip: For some little ones, scooping out the seeds may seem overwhelming at first. Try offering a spoon as a “special pepper scooper” if they appear hesitant to interact with the insides of the pepper.

🌶 Wondering what to do with your peppers after you finished carving and playing with them? We love to make a spooky stuffed pepper from our jack-o-lanterns for a scary fun meal you won’t forget!

What if you don’t have peppers at home this week? Don’t worry! You can make any fruit or vegetable with a peelable rhine “spooky” simply by grabbing a sharpie and coloring on spooky faces with your little one (think oranges, bananas, even corn husks)! Be sure to talk about how the fruit or veggies feels while you hold it and if it has a big or small smell! Is it citrus scented? sweet? The possibilities are endless!

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