?? Questions at the Table ??

❓Did you know that asking your child a lot of questions during mealtime can actually increase their adrenaline/anxiousness and in turn reduce their appetite? We know that when our bodies are feeling increased adrenaline, we are less likely to tune into our hunger cues and eat.

👍🏽 This can particularly happen when we question little ones about their food. For example: “do you like it?” “do you wanna try it?” “does it taste good?” All of these questions are also a little bit geared towards pressuring little ones into trying food and while we know they all come from a good, caring place we ask you to reconsider the questioning in favor of dinner conversation:

– “I saw that you came home with a fun art project from school.”
– “Today I saw a big, red truck and it made me think of you!”
– “I’m so glad we are all sitting down at the table together.”

🧠 You may be thinking, well, I will have to task a question eventually to keep conversation going and you are totally right! If you have a little one that does feel a little anxious at the table or maybe doesn’t do well with on the spot questions (even when they aren’t about food), try rephrasing them like this:

-“ I see marker on your arm, I wonder if you colored at daycare today.”
– “Your sister said she liked playing at the park today. I can’t wait to hear what you thought about the park.”

❓Any questions? (pun intended 🤣)

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