Scent Shakers

👃I smell a good time coming your way! Let’s switch it up from a sensory bin to discovering a unique way to tickle those senses with ➡️ scent shakers! The olfactory system is a key component while eating and even when preparing to eat. It is also a sensory system that we feel lacks attention when it comes down to play-based activities and exploration.

@little_play_ideas had the amazing idea of using salt shakers for this activity and we are going to put our own spin on it. Put those little noses to the test with this fun odor-ful sensory activity!

✅ Gather up your supplies including:

-Empty salt and pepper shakers

-Smells of your choice

-We used: cinnamon sticks, mint, lavender, grapefruit, orange and lemon

-An explorative attitude!

👇 Now what? Here are a couple activities to try out:

-match the smell > try having your little one match the smell to a food (cinnamon sticks to cinnamon applesauce)

-if they’re feeling brave > ask your little one to cover their eyes while they smell and use their words to tell you what they’re sniffing

-get your little one involved in prep > have them explore the outdoors or even your pantry to create their own scent shaker

-try placing different foods into the shakers > explore a food your little one might not even be ready to touch yet by simply encouraging a smell…or two!

-try matching essential oils on cotton balls to the food on a table or salt shaker with the food

❓ What does all of this have to do with food? Eating and interacting with food is a highly sensory ridden experience, meaning that engaging with food across the senses can lead to your child being one step closer to exploring that food in other ways (touching, licking, tasting, etc.)

👃❤️ What is one of your favorite food smells? Let us know below!

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