Size Matters

📣 Yup, SIZE MATTERS. Have you ever given your little one macaroni noodles and they ate it, but they looked at a piece of spaghetti and it was the worst thing in the world?

🛑 That happened to us this week in therapy! Our little friend was gobbling down bow tie noodles and once we presented him with a spaghetti noodle — HAULT! It was an absolute NO go.

🍝 We put our heads together and decided that we COULD make a “little noodle” from our long noodles! It was game on from there. We were chomping in the middle of our big noodles to make two little noodles, and before we knew it an entire noodle was dangling out of his mouth. We only had to change 1️⃣ simple thing, the size of the noodle! 

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