S’more Summer Tips!

We’re embracing the outdoors and aiming to soak up all of the sunshine we can here in Michigan this summer! Join us for s’more fun tips!

S’mores are a summertime favorite. We love putting a BERRY fresh twist on your traditional s’more by smashing berries (think raspberries, blackberries, etc)& spreading them onto our crackers!

Need a calorie booster? Try spreading coconut oil or adding a nut butter spread – maybe even use a peanut butter cup with your nut butter spread!

Sometimes a little change of scene can go a LONG way in helping your little one feel more comfortable exploring new foods with you! Pack up a picnic & head to a park (or even into your own backyard!), let your little help you pack the picnic and set it out! 

Let your little one help you collect sticks of varying shapes and sizes from your backyard (or maybe a park near you!). Enjoy building forts or pretend play building “fires” together – this is a great opportunity to develop pretend play skills, teach comparative size (e.g., big, small, tiny, long) &locational (e.g., on top, under, by) concepts (e.g., “look! I can put the little tiny stick – on top of the big long one!). Keep practicing that language and relate what you can to foods (e.g., “look! this stick is brown&thick like a sausage, let’s pretend to roast it!).

Stay Cool!


Ashleigh, Natalie and Molly

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