Tick- Tock – Timers for Transitions

⏰ Looking for another strategy to incorporate into your child’s day and feeding routine? We recommend using a timer! We use timers for a variety of purposes in feeding therapy. We may…

⏰ Use a timer for countdown of completion of an activity before transitioning to the table. This will allow the child enough time to process the change in activity and expectations.

⏰ Use a timer for our friends that need a little break. This is a great strategy to help with self regulation, and to calm and separate from any anxiety that might be associated with the task.

⏰ Use a timer to remind ourselves how long mealtimes should be (we recommend keeping your little one in their chair for no more than 20-30 minutes. This will help provide the child with enough time to eat and socially engage with the family, but also provide enough time in between meals to be hungry for the next meal/snack. Some children finish their meals in less or more time (happily), but this is a general rule that we follow in our treatments for families that need a little extra help in this area.

🏡 At home, you could also use a timer for various activities and transitions including. . .

– Use of a timer when little ones ask about their next meal to let them know how much time is left.
– Use of a timer to indicate how much time is left in an activity.
– Use of a timer to let them know when it is time to leave the table, leave the house, etc.

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you use a timer with your little one to help with transitions! 

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