Toys at the Table?

💛 We want to share with you one of our golden rules for feeding therapy: no toys at the table.

🤔 Why? We have a couple different reasons that we recommend keeping those toys outside of the kitchen:

❤️ When we learn about new things, our brain creates new pathways to help us take in and process information. When interacting with food, we want our littles to lay pathways about processing sensory information and eating the food instead of focusing on their toy cars.

❤️ When we are working with our “picky eaters” we want the food to be the most fun thing in the room! Sometimes toys can get in the way of that.

❤️ When kids develop routines around feeding, they can create cues that are closely tied to their eating. If a child always has their Elmo with them at the table, they may start to link Elmo with mealtimes and what happens when you cannot locate Elmo for the next meal? 🆘

🧸 We love play and toys as much as your little (trust us, we are a bunch of kids at heart), but let’s keep those toys away from mealtimes.

💡Side-note: If your child has developed a habit of bringing toys to the table, that’s ok! We recommend a gradual progression with slow steps to decrease the amount of toys or time with toys at the table.

❓Questions? Let us know below! 

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