20 Ways to Play – CHICKPEAS

20 Ways to Play Chickpeas

1) Scented Hummus Bar –  Grab a variety of hummus containers and scoop a spoonful from each, see if you can guess which is which via scent only!

2) Grab some straws and see who can blow their chickpeas across the table !

3) Make a dried chickpea bean sensory bin! Scoop up, dump and pour! If left natural, these also tend to look earthy and are super fun to pretend “plant” and a few bulk carrots !

4) “Plate Flowers/Chickpea Garden” Rinse bagged chickpeas and then dip into different food coloring dishes “smash” each chickpea onto the paper plate to make different colored spring flowers or use yellow for stars and a moon

5) Make hummus together: In a food processor,  blend ¼ bag chickpeas, one small scoop tahini,  2tbs lemon juice, and different seasonings (let your little one’s choose!). Dip carrots, pita, crackers, etc

6) Print photos of chickpeas and discuss how chickpeas grow, pretend play “pick chickpeas from a “bush” together!

7) Rainbow chickpea bin! Grab a bag of dried chickpeas, ziplock bags and liquid watercolors, 7 squirts of the liquid color to 2 cups chickpeas is perfect! 

8) “Paint” with hummus together on paper plates, your table or maybe even your face or hands

9) Compare “Crunch Factor” or “Smash Factor” for chickpea puffs (we love Hippeas chickpea puffs) vs cooked chickpeas vs hummus!

10) Dessert hummus Bar! Grab a chocolate or brownie hummus and pair with a variety of apples, graham crackers, toast etc! 

11) Chickpea Shakers – Fill and empty water bottle with dry chickpeas, screw the cap on and shake-shake-shake! 

12) Chickpea Marble Painting – Grab a handful of dried and cooked chickpeas, an empty cardboard box, place plain white paper in and squirt a few blobs of paint on, drop and plop the chickpeas in and shake them back and forth across for some fun artwork !

13) Feed the Monster – Grab a brown lunch-bag and make your own “monsters” together, cut out a mouth and “feed that hungry monster together! 

14) Hummus Mountains – Sculpt up a few mountains together!

15) Bake and enjoy chickpea nuggets together! We love the nugget recipe you can find here: https://myplantbasedfamily.com/2015/11/20/chickpea-nuggets/

16) Chickpea roll and race – Place a tape finish line and see who can roll and race their chickpeas to the end first!

17) Cook your chickpeas, add a splash of olive oil and let your little one’s season up those chickpeas! Smell, roll, smash  and maybe even taste them!

18) Hummus Snowmen – Plop together a few hummus snowmen, use roasted chickpeas to make buttons and faces!

19) Check out a fun roasted chickpea recipe from Yummy Toddler Food here:  https://www.yummytoddlerfood.com/recipes/egg-free/soft-roasted-honey-cinnamon-chickpeas/

20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, continued presentation matters!

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