20 Ways to Play PUMPKIN

1) Carve Up that Pumpkin into a fun Jack-o-lantern, a favorite character or fun message!

2) Roast pumpkin seeds together, sprinkle on sea salt, cinnamon sugar, or a spicy paprika and chipotle chili powder mix for some extra kick!

3) Paint your own pumpkin night! Grab a few paint brushes and get ready for some fun, spooky or silly face painting!

4) Grab a handful of golf tees, a hammer and (with supervision of course!) Help your little one hammer some “nails” (golf tees) into that pumpkin – this is a great opportunity to discuss what color tees your using, create shapes and discuss patterns!

5) Pumpkin Play Dough! Use black beans (for mouth/teeth), pipe cleaners (stems!), and googly eyes to decorate those BIG, ROUND pumpkins you make together!

Recipe: https://theimaginationtree.com/best-ever-no-cook-play-dough-recipe/

6) Decorate Mandarin Oranges with sharpies to look like small jack-o-lanterns – which is BIG and which is small?!

7) READ – Five Little Pumpkins by Iris Van Rynbach

8) Ready, Set, ROLL ! Roll those small gourds and pumpkins across the floor, who’s is fastest? Who’s can roll straight the longest?!

9) Stock up on empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, see which small gourds and pumpkins you can balance on top before they fall !

10) Pumpkin seed count! Grab your toasted (or plain!) pumpkin seeds and sort and count together!

11) Build a pumpkin bath! Grab a dish soap and fill up that kitchen sink or bathtub with bubbles – plop in your pumpkins and get ready to scrub *Bonus Points* if you sing a bubble or scrubbing song!

12) Flip over small packaged mandarin orange cups and decorate them with pipe cleaner stems and sharpie faces! This is a great time to discuss texture – my real pumpkin is bumpy and has small ridges, this pretend pumpkin is smooth!

13) Pumpkin “gut” scoop – Grab gloves if needed, small spoons or scoops and scoop out those pumpkins together – what a treasure hunt – who can find the most seeds?!

14) Puree Pumpkin Paint! Grab a can of pureed pumpkin and paint together in an empty casserole dish or baking pan who can draw the biggest triangle!?

15) Pumpkin Stem Comparisons – Grab a few pumpkins or small gourds – Which have big thick stems? Small thin stems? Green stems? White or brown stems?

16) Mini Pumpkin Volcanos! Check out a fun experiment and explode some mini pumpkins together! Check out the recipe below → https://www.freebiefindingmom.com/fun-fall-preschool-project-mini-pumpkin-volcanoes/

17) Enjoy a Pumpkin taste (or feel) off – These days you can find pumpkin just about anything, have a pumpkin taste off and feel free to include: pumpkin spice cereal o’s, pumpkin pie, pumpkin puree with cinnamon, pumpkin roll, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin doughnuts etc! Which has the biggest flavor? Which is the sweetest? This can be even more fun with a blind fold! – Is your little one not ready for a full taste of such flavorful food or maybe food at all? No problem, this can be just as fun as a blind folded feel test too – grab a few paper bags to fill up or a blindfold and get started!

18) Count the pumpkins in your neighborhood as you go out on a walk together! How many can you find?!

19) Smell pumpkin candles together at the store, which smells the sweetest? Which has the biggest scent?

20) Bake Pumpkin Pie together and enjoy!

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