CUCUMBERS – 20 Ways to Play

1. Slice 1/4 thick slices and roll those “wheels” together

2. Cucumber water – discuss flavor and cut a variety of sizes/vary the thickness of your slice (which will sink and which will swim?!) 

3. Silly faces! Those slices make great eyeballs in a pretend play routine!

4. Cucumber caterpillars – line multiple slices up together to build a long caterpillar, get creative with his legs and antenna (we love to use shredded carrots!)! 

5. Cucumber logs – Quarter your cucumber in long strips, those logs will build a great log cabin or castle! Don’t forget the chimney! 

6. Freeze your cucumber slices and pop them in a drink as ice cubes!

7. Chop mini cucumbers into small slices and stack them up into tall towers! Who can’t count the most blocks into their tower before it topples?! 

8. Cucumber moons – for younger little ones you can discuss BIG (whole slices) and little (slices with a bite into them forming a crescent shape) moons, with older little ones discuss the moon phases, modifying your cucumber slice via bite size or with circular cookie cutters!

9. Cucumber boats – Slice your cucumber lengthwise to create two boats, who can drive theirs through the taziki faster?!

10. Make taziki together – there is a simple and delicious recipe here:

11. Cucumber paintbrushes – quarter your cuke and present a variety of dips, paper plates make an excellent canvas for your artwork! 

12. Cucumber seed scoop – How many seeds can you find in each slice? Do your slices have the same amount of seeds or different amounts? 

13. Plant cucumbers in your garden together! Caring for a new veggie and getting the opportunity to watch it grow until it’s ready to pick provides tons of exposures and opportunities to discuss these “long, green sticks” will they be dark green or light green inside?! You’ll have to slice them open with your kid-safe Foost knife when they’re ready to find out! 

14. Cucumber phones! Ring-ring! Who’s calling?! I don’t know, but you bring that whole (non-sliced) cucumber up to your ear you’ll find out! 

15. Wash-wash-wash your veggies gently up and down, merrily, merrily, merrily, do not let them fall down! Build those veggies a big bubble bath and wash them up together – this is a great lesson in both life-skills and a great way to increase exposure with a whole cucumber!

16. That whole cucumber makes an excellent rolling pin to roll across the table, your hands / arms, or to roll out some dough! 

17. Cucumber shape sort – grab some cookie cutters and slice out a variety of shapes with your little one – sort them into piles by shape and size!

18. Cucumber tic – tac – toe ! Slice your cucumber and keep half in circle shapes and cut half with a fun cookie cutter shape, use a paper plate and marker or condiment of choice to create your board and play away! 

19. Cucumber sandwiches! With cucumber as your “bread,” apply varied toppings, feta cheese, taziki, hummus, etc in between for a fun twist on a sandwich!

Pro Tip: If your little one gets a little bugged out with the wet, slippery cucumbers on the outside of a “sandwich” you can reverse the sandwiches and use crackers or bread externally and place the cucumber inside! 

20. Present, present, present – Continued exposure is the key to success!

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