Eat, Drink & Be Empathetic

Finding yourself frustrated with meals? Wishing your child would progress with new foods quicker? We hear you. We understand you. We respect you.

Did it feel good to hear that?

Now, turn the script to your child. Hear them, understand them, respect them.

New foods can be anxiety inducing. New activities can be challenging. New restaurants can be overwhelming.

We encourage you to not only acknowledge your child’s emotions in response to foods, but also to assist them in navigating through problem solving.

“I see that you crossed your arms and turned away to tell me that you were upset when I put this large bowl of new, purple food on the table. Let’s try putting a smaller amount onto a plate and making a purple house out of these carrots!”

For more insight into navigating big emotions, check out “The Whole Brain Child” by @drdansiegel and @tinapaynebryson 

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