SWEET POTATO – 20 Ways to Play

  1. Play “hot potato!” Pass the potato around while the music is playing. When it stops (assign someone to be the music pauser), whoever has the potato has to do a silly potato dance! 
  2. Try your hand at building a tower! Use sweet potato cubes and toothpicks to build towers! See who can make the tallest tower! 
  3. Make a sweet potato peel sensory bin! Use those peels and place them into a container to make your sensory bin! Place small toys inside and go digging to find them! Tip: if your Little isn’t ready to touch the squishy peels, give them a kitchen tool like tongs or scoops to help them dig to find the objects! 
  4. Play find the potato! Get out three cups and bowls and hide the sweet potato under one of them. Mix them all around and then practice guessing which cup/bowl the potato is under! 
  5. Try your hand at heavy work! Stack potatoes into a bin and push them around the house! OR use potatoes as your pretend weights and practice doing bicep curls like you’re super heroes! 
  6. Can you balance a sweet potato?! Try a balancing contest with holding a potato on your forehead/nose! Make sure to talk about how the potato feels and smells! 
  7. Have a sweet potato play! Dress your sweet potatoes up with ribbons or pipe cleaners and act out a play! Pretend they’re your Littles favorite TV show or book characters! 
  8. Make your best guess! Work on number recognition and practice making educated guesses! Weigh sweet potatoes on food scales (or your home scale)! Whoever had the closest guess wins! 
  9. Pretend to be your favorite animal! Grab sweet potato slices (stick-shaped) and pretend to have walrus tasks, snake fangs, unicorn horns, deer antlers, and more! 
  10. Use your nose! Bake your sweet potato slices with different scents (cinnamon, paprika, parmesan cheese, and more). Place them in a non-see through container and barely lift the lid to take a smell and guess! Make it easier by placing the scent options on the counter and try to match them correctly!
  11. Crunch contest! Enjoy making (or grab a bag of) sweet potato chips and see who can make the loudest crunch! Is it louder when you crunch with your front or back teeth? hand or finger!
  12. Raw Jenga – Cut a sweet potato into thin (stick shaped) strips and build your own Jenga tower! When you’re done exploring, simply rinse the “blocks” and enjoy preparing fresh sweet potato fries together!
  13. Make a sweet potato porcupine! Grab a sweet potato, a handful of golf tees and a child-safe hammer and help your porcupine make sure all of his spikes are safely in place!
  14. Potato avalanche! Let your little help you pour your sweet potatoes from bowl to bowl, be sure to call out “AVALANCHE” !
  15. Dinosaur footprints – Slice your potato into cubes and steam well, lay out a handful of the cubes and let your little help you “smash” down the cubes with a fork to make “dinosaur footprints!” (Bonus alert! This turns into great mashed sweet potatoes for dinner!)
  16. Sweet potato stamps – slice your sweet potato in half and carve out a fun shape (think stars, hearts, circles, etc!). Grab some fun food paint (think ketchup, sour cream, mustard, etc) and paper plates or construction paper and stamp away!
  17. Sweet potato experiment – Check out this fun experiment from pre-k-pages here!
  18. Give a size comparison activity a go! Grab a handful of sweet potato chips or fries and line them up. Let your little help you sort them into groups based on length, width, shape, etc!
  19. Sweet potato snow – let your little help you shred a sweet potato and sprinkle it lightly or in heaps in to a bowl or on to a plate! Use your hands as snow plows and knock down those big “snow piles” together!
  20. Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

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