Tofu – 20 Ways to Play

1)    The Jumping Pad – Take some fun figures (or favorite action figures) and let them use a slice or full block of tofu as their “jumping pad/trampoline” Who’s figure can bounce the highest?!

2) Skyscrapers – Gather air fried tofu “blocks” and a sauce of choice (we like to use BBQ!) build “skyscrapers” together using the BBQ sauce “cement” to dip the tofu “bricks” in and stick them together. Who can build the biggest skyscraper?!

3) Squishy Stamps – Slice your tofu block into strips and grab a few of your favorite cookie cutters. Stamp out a few fun shapes and use a dip of your choice as ink (e.g., Korean BBQ, Ketchup, Ranch, etc)!

4) Silly Mustaches – Slice your tofu into strips and make “pretend play” mustaches for you and your little one!

5) Block Inchworms – cut out a variety of cubes from your tofu block and line them up to form “inchworms!” inch the pieces across the table together!

6) X & O – Cut out a handful of “X” and “O” shapes from your tofu block and enjoy a classic game of tic-tac-toe!

7) Boop Game – take a block of tofu and “pretend play” that it’s your nose! Take turns “boop-ing” each other’s noses (by poking them and calling out “BOOP!”)!

8) Treasure Chest – A fan favorite! Slice your block of tofu in half, scoop out a small section in the bottom block to form the inside of the “chest” and place something silly inside (think: a tiny toy, a favorite food, a (clean) piece of money, etc) take turns peeking under the “lid” (or top block of the tofu to see what’s inside the chest! We love to yell “PEEK” when we quickly open up the lid to “peek” underneath!

9) Fix it Up! – Take a few golf tees and (if/as age appropriate) a toy hammer. Take turns pounding the nails into a full tofu block and then pulling them back out for great tactile exposure!

10) Minecraft Blocks – Take a few tofu blocks and help your Little One build their “fortress” up as high as they can!

11) Fun Faces – use pieces of air fried tofu to form silly faces on paper plates together, get creative and add other veggies as needed too!

12) Ice Cream Sundays – Use a few pieces of air fried tofu and stack them onto a cone (drawing or an actual ice cream cone if you have one) drizzle “caramel/chocolate” (i.e., a topping/sauce of your choice BBQ, ketchup etc) over your “1, 2, or 3 scoops” Use a seasoning as your “sprinkles” and let your little help shake those “sprinkles” on top! 

13) The Swimming Pool – Take a small ramekin and fill it with a dip or sauce of your choice. Pretend play that your tofu pieces are people headed to the “swimming pool” (i.e., the dip/sauce “pool”) and take turns helping them “dive in!” for a “dip!” ! 

14) The Balance Beam – Take tofu pieces in different sizes and shapes and see which ones you can balance across an extended finger which you can pretend is the “balance beam”!

15) Poke Designs – Take a fork and poke it into your tofu block, take turns making different patterns and designs with the fork prints! This is a great activity for littles who are more hesitant to engage with new foods with their hands, but would be comfortable interacting with the new food with their utensil (i.e., the fork)!

16) Hot Potato – Play a classic game of “hot potato” using a block or piece of tofu!

17) Tanks – Pretend play that your block of tofu is a “big tank” driving all over your plate/mat!

18) Simon Says Tofu Edition – Play simon says together using the tofu for all of your directions, for example: “simon says put the tofu on your elbow!” “simon says, hop on one foot holding the tofu!”

19) Tofu Snakes – Cut your tofu into strips and pretend play snakes “sssssslideing” all over your plate!

20) Expose, Expose, Expose! Remember, consistency is key!

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